The Young Artists Conservatory (YAC) is a unique summer intensive that offers conservatory-style training to Houston-area middle and high school students.

Masterclasses and workshops by experts in the field will allow participants
the opportunity to explore every facet of theatrical production, writing, and
performance. Participants will work in as many spaces as possible and enjoy
access to the full Stages staff for advice and guidance.

Together, performance, writing, and production students will focus on a central theme to conceptualize, write, design, and perform an original theatrical piece. This piece will combine the students’ own material with texts taken from the work of well-known writers.

The program culminates in a fully realized production of this work at Stages in our venue, The Gordy. There will also be a showcase featuring designs and models from the Production students, highlighting new entries into their portfolios.

Pay What You Can!

Stages recognizes the need for accessible educational programs; No one will ever be excluded from The Young Actors Conservatory based on their financial capacities. Additionally, we recognize that in order to provide Houston youth with the quality of arts education they deserve, fiscal investments in the arts and arts education must be made by our community.

Arts education has an intrinsic value. Each student will take the skills they learn down whatever future path they choose. Families choose to pay whatever is comfortable for their circumstance, whether that be the full tuition amount ($840 HS / $300 MS), zero dollars, or anything in between. No questions asked. All financial arrangements will be kept confidential.

High School Program

A month-long intensive set in our brand new, state of the art performance center The Gordy. Packed full of masterclasses, workshops, and special instruction based on students’ individual goals, High School YAC students will explore the various fields of artistic study culminating in a presentation at The Gordy.

The application process has ended for Summer 2023. Applications will reopen in February of 2024.

Middle School Program

This arts education program comes in a smaller dose for younger students. Middle school YAC will introduce students to the world of theater making by exploring performing, writing, and production. A short presentation will follow the week-long program.

The application process has ended for Summer 2023. Applications will reopen in February of 2024.

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