Announcing Stages' 2024–25 Season

The 2024–25 Season is here!

Miss Rhythm – The Legend of Ruth Brown
Created by David Nehls and Sheryl McCallum


Syma and Walt Zerkow



August 15–October 13, 2024
Previews August 9–14


Before Etta James, Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner, there was Ruth Brown, a trailblazing icon who ran the world of R&B. Her magnetic voice and spirited charm catapulted Atlantic Records to global fame in the 1950s—so much that fans once referred to the now-historic record label as “the house that Ruth built.” A Rock and Roll Hall of Famer who won both Tony and Grammy awards, she paved the way for generations of singers. Now, experience her legendary story through Miss Rhythm, an intimate cabaret featuring powerhouse vocals and a swinging five-piece jazz band.


Starring acclaimed actress Sheryl McCallum (The Lion King on Broadway), this electrifying tribute celebrates Ruth Brown’s captivating story and indelible impact on popular music. Get ready for an evening of powerful singing, no-nonsense humor, and the enduring legacy of a pioneer—Miss Rhythm herself, the one and only Ruth Brown.

The Hispanic/Latino/Latina/Latinx/Latine Vote
By Bernardo Cubría


September 19–October 6, 2024
Previews September 13–18


University professor Paola Aguilar desperately needs money for—well, we’ll let her tell you. So when the political party offers her a substantial paycheck to help them understand the Hispanic/Latino/Latina/Latinx/Latine vote, she begrudgingly takes the job. Can Paola navigate a room full of clueless strategists and save the election? Or will her journey lead to a bigger victory altogether?


This laugh-out-loud satire from award-winning, Houston-raised playwright Bernardo Cubría explores identity, community, and the hilarious absurdity of the political machine. Don’t miss the world premiere of this thought-provoking and side-splitting comedy.

Ms. Holmes & Ms. Watson – Apt. 2B
By Kate Hamill


Dixie Waters
Michael and Debra Dishberger


October 31–November 17, 2024
Previews October 25–30


Get ready for a hilarious romp with a fresh take on the legendary detectives! This fast-paced comedy from acclaimed playwright Kate Hamill puts a modern spin on the iconic crime-fighting duo, set in present-day Baker Street.


Holmes, a manic, razor-sharp genius, must entice Watson, a recuperating American divorcée, to tumble from one caper to the next. But when they encounter a supervillain who always seems to be one step ahead, the laughter intensifies and they dive into a rollicking murder mystery. Don’t miss out on this uproarious adventure filled with non-stop laughs and hijinks aplenty. This new twist on the beloved characters will leave you in stitches.

Panto Pinocchio
Book and Lyrics by Eric Coble
Music by Steven Jones


Steven and Cabrina Owsley



December 12, 2024–January 5, 2025
Previews December 6–11


We’re putting the GPT in Gepetto with this modern twist on the classic tale! Join Pinocchio, a sentient AI boy created by tech-savvy inventor Gill Bates, as he navigates a town obsessed with viral TikTok dances. When Pinocchio embarks on a quest to discover his true essence—with the help of everybody’s favorite faithful guide, Buttons—he encounters a world of digital mischief and adventure. Will he unlock the secrets to his identity? Or will the conniving villain Miss Treats disrupt the festivities and thwart Pinocchio’s journey?


A feast for the senses, this panto is packed with high-tech hijinks, side-splitting jokes, and enough singing and dancing to reboot even the most jaded of operating systems. This holiday season, bring the family and immerse yourselves in the electrifying spectacle of panto!

The Heart Sellers
By Lloyd Suh


February 6–23, 2025
Previews January 31–February 5




How do you find friendship in a new world? In this heartfelt comedic drama set in the backdrop of the ’70s, two recent immigrants, Jane and Luna, cross paths in a grocery store on Thanksgiving. Over wine and a somewhat-questionable frozen turkey, they share laughs, tears, and their American dreams—disco dancing, learning to drive, visiting Disneyland—and discover a kinship that transcends cultural barriers. Filled with the hope and promise of new beginnings, the pair forge a bond from their shared experience of loneliness in a new country.


Written with tenderness by award-winning playwright and Guggenheim Fellow Lloyd Suh, this touching narrative explores the immigrant experience with humor and compassion, posing the poignant question: what does it mean to truly call a place home?

the ripple, the wave that carried me home
By Christina Anderson



March 6–23, 2025
Previews February 28–March 5


In the heartland of 1960s Kansas, a young Black girl, Janice, witnesses her parents fight for a simple yet profound cause: their right to swim in a public pool. But as the ripples of injustice seep into her life at home, Janice seeks meaning away from her parents’ political activism, and an unspoken distance grows within the family. Decades later, an unexpected call to honor her father’s legacy inspires Janice to rediscover the past she left behind.


From ascendant, Tony-nominated playwright Christina Anderson, the ripple, the wave that carried me home is a poignant exploration of injustice, forgiveness, and family—a deeply poetic, award-winning play that makes for a profoundly sensory experience.

Das Barbecü
Book and Lyrics by Jim Luigs
Music by Scott Warrender


Amy Sutton and Gary Chiles


May 1–June 1, 2025
Previews April 25–30


A foot-stompin’, knee-slappin’ musical comedy, Das Barbecü reimagines Wagner’s epic Ring cycle as a hilarious Texas hootenanny. In a whirlwind of comedic antics, five incredible actors transform into over 30 outrageous characters—from feuding families and heroic cowboys to mismatched lovers and synchronized-swimming river maidens—all vying for a powerful ring. Expect a musical mashup of Broadway standards and twangy country, with show-stopping numbers such as “Hog-Tie Your Man,” “Barbecue for Two,” and “Makin’ Guacamole.”


With a generous helping of Texas charm—and barbecue sauce—this witty fable proves that love conquers greed. So hold onto your hats, y’all, and get ready for a musical journey that’s as hilarious as it is heartwarming!

To Be Announced


George C. Lancaster


June 5–22, 2025
Previews May 30–June 4


As Stages eagerly anticipates the appointment of its next artistic director, who will make their directorial debut at Stages with this as-yet unknown production, our upcoming season finale shines as a beacon of excitement and possibility. And though the curtains are closed on the title for now, we can assure you this will be a theatrical experience rooted in our mission to inspire, entertain, and engage.


With the stage now set for innovation and new discoveries, our final show promises to captivate hearts, provoke thoughts, and leave lasting impressions on all who embark on this unforgettable journey with us. Join us as we embrace the transformative power of storytelling at Stages.