Script Submissions


Stages makes plays and tells stories that invite everyone to live more deeply and love more boldly. As Houston’s premiere mid-sized theater, we produce a broad scope of plays and musicals ranging from jukebox musicals and family entertainment to world premieres and new work by emerging writers. We are committed to telling stories by and for traditionally excluded communities.

Stages relies on a voluntary Season Selection Committee composed of staff members from all our departments. Committed to expanding timelines for creative teams, we read with an eye for productions two-plus years away.

In an effort to strike a balance between our available resources and dedication to supporting diverse voices, we maintain a policy of open script submissions throughout the months of April and May.

  • Playwrights with and without agents are welcome to submit during April and May.
  • Scripts sent after May 31st will be held until the following window opens.
  • We ask that you please submit only one script. (Occasionally we’ll find a playwright’s work inspiring yet know that a specific piece is not ideal for Stages. In those instances, we might reach out to you for additional work to consider.)
  • Please do not submit new drafts of previously submitted work unless you are invited to do so.
  • Depending on the overall number of submissions, you will hear from us again between June and December. Thank you in advance for your patience and sharing your work!

Current Submission Requests

The window for script submissions is currently closed and will reopen in April 2024.