Dixie’s Tupperware Party

Dates & Times

April 2025

Tue 8 7:30 Choose Seats
Wed 9 7:30 Choose Seats
Thu 10 7:30 Choose Seats
Fri 11 7:30 Choose Seats
Sat 12 2:30 Choose Seats
Sat 12 7:30 Choose Seats
Sun 13 2:30 Choose Seats
Tue 15 7:30 Choose Seats
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Sat 19 7:30 Choose Seats
Sun 20 2:30 Choose Seats

Dixie’s Tupperware Party

Written by Kris Andersson

Upcoming April 8-April 20

Rochelle and Max Levit Stage


Not Your Grandmother's Tupperware Party

Dixie Longate is the fast-talking, gum chewing, ginger-haired Alabama gal who is bringing your grandma’s Tupperware party into the 21st century. Audiences howl with laughter as Dixie demonstrates the many alternative uses for the iconic plastic kitchen staple. Filled with outrageously funny tales, heartfelt accounts, audience participation, and a little bit of empowerment and homespun wisdom, Dixie’s Tupperware Party leaves your heart a little bigger and your food a little fresher.